Home Defense

A Highly Accessible and Secure Home Self-Defense Mounting Option

Raptor Products provides safe, secure and fast access mounting options for your home self-defense. Use fast access Raptor Products to secure your firearms rather than a hard-to-access gun safe, trigger lock or display cabinet. Raptor Products solves the problem of leaving your firearm under your bed unsecured and gives you a faster way to access your firearm. Our patented “auto-locking” technology fastens to your firearm’s picatinny rail system or buffer tube securely and guards against unauthorized access with the high security tamper-proof keyed lock. Simply push to “lock-in and lock-out” your firearm. Use the Raptor Products Mounting and Display System™ in a closet, next to your bed or behind a door for fast access to your firearm when you need it.

  • Mount to your wall (home or office) for fast access
  • Protect against unauthorized use
  • Be ready in a moment’s notice
  • Protect against theft