You Focus on the Trail, We've Got Your Gun!

Raptor Products Weapon Mounting System is the only modular weapon mounting system that can withstand the tough demands off Off-Road Weapon security. Raptor Products patented “auto-locking” technology allows you to securely mount and quickly access your firearm. Made in the USA with heavy-duty high-tech polymer and stainless steel, Raptor Products give you a versatile, reliable and strong mounting system that holds on to your firearm and doesn’t let go till you need it.

  • Mount inside your Off-Road vehicle
  • Mount inside your commuter vehicle
  • Use optional roll bar mounts for your UTV
  • Mount to the front/back ATV deck

If you are an avid Off-Road enthusiast, a law enforcement officer, or just want to be prepared to defend your self anywhere the trail takes you—the Raptor Weapon Mounting and Display System™ gives you a secure way in which to quickly access your firearm while keeping it safe and secure from unauthorized use.