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Law Enforcement and Military Applications

If you are a member of a tactical team, a law enforcement officer, instructor or elite competitor—the Raptor Mounting and Display System™ gives you a unique way in which to quickly access your firearm while keeping it safe and secure from unauthorized use. Made in the USA with heavy-duty high-tech polymer and stainless steel, Raptor Products give you a versatile, reliable and strong mounting system that holds on to your firearm and doesn’t let go till you need it. We currently offer a variety of pre-configured weapon mounting systems designed for your Law Enforcement weapon security needs, weather you need a system for your car trunk, vehicle cab, armory storage, UTV or a holistic system that encompasses all of your demands.  Raptor Products also offers custom solutions designed to fit unique weapons and specific applications. All mounting systems securely retain your weapon and offer your choice of multiple access methods:

  • -Physical keyed lock
  • -Hidden electronic lock release button
  • -Encrypted signal remote push button FOB
  • -Multiple keyed systems requiring multiple personal

We have more exciting products exclusively for Law Enforcement and Military applications that expand the capabilities and applications of the Raptor Products weapon mounting system for long guns, side arms, crew served weapons and support gear. Our commitment to new products, custom design capabilities and listening to customer requests will ensure your investment in weapon security is well placed with Raptor Products.   Contact us to determine the ideal Raptor Products fast access weapon mounting system configuration to fit your department’s or agency’s weapon secure access needs.

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Raptor Products Proudly supports our military and agencies dedicated to our protection.  We utilize a Dealer of Record Program and partner with quality dealers to meet United States Federal and State Procurement Needs.

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