Axia Alloys Roll Bar Mounts


Make sure you ready to hit the trails and prepared for anything.

Secure your Raptor Products Fast Access Mounting and Display System™ to your off road vehicle’s roll bar and take your favorite rifle along for the ride and have it locked and loaded! 

Sold in pairs of two (2) to secure one 3 inch, 18 inch, or 32 inch Raptor Rail™. 


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Product Description

Quality Heavy duty roll bar mounts to secure your Raptor System™ to your off road vehicle!

Measure your roll bar diameter to get the perfect fit.

Additional sizes available at Axia Alloys Website:

Axia Alloys 8mm Female Thread Mount

Raptor Products sales roll bar mounts in pairs and includes required 8mm socket head mounting screws.


Axia Alloys Roll Bar Specifications
Product Weight 0.20 lbs.
Shipping Weight 0.31 lbs.
Product Material High-Strength Aluminum
Product Dimensions 2in x 2in x 0.5in
Designed Mount 8mm female thread for direct mount to Raptor Rail™
Product Options Roll Bar Diameter 1.0" 1.25" 1.5" 1.75" 2.0" 2.25"
Product Pkg Supplied with two universal mounts and two clamping rings of choice

x2 1/4-20 Socket Head Cap Screws

x2 8mm-16mm Socket Head Cap Screws


Black Anodized