Raptor Holster™ G-Code Adapter Plate


The Raptor Holster™ G-Code Adapter Plate interfaces with all G-Code RTI accessories enabling The Raptor Holster™ to be carried, on the Hip, Chest, and Thigh or staged where ever you mount the G-Code RTI Wheel.  You Can also use the G-Code Adapter Plate as a side mounting option for the Raptor Holster™ on either the left or right side.

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Product Description

  • Works with standard Raptor Holster™
  • Works with all G-Code RTI Wheel Accessories
  • Enables Raptor Holster™ body carry
  • Enables secure mounting on Left and Right Side
  • Works with standard Raptor Holster™
  • Works as both Left and right side mounting plate
  • Supplied with required mounting hardware to secure to Raptor Holster™
  • If intended for carry holster then purchase desired G-Code RTI Accessories



Raptor Holster™ G-Code Adapter Plate™ Specifications
Product Weight 0.23 lbs.
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs.
Product Material Powder Coated 0.125in Steel
Product Dimensions 4.75in x 2.9in x 0.125in
Color Black
Operating Temperature 10°F-110°F
Mounting Hardware x3 10-32 Socket Head Screws
Mounting Options Left and Right Side
Designed Mount Raptor Holster
Product Options Roll bar Mounts