Raptor Holster™ Mounting Plate


The Raptor Holster™ Mounting Plate provides the most secure mount of your Raptor Holster™.  Use the Mounting plate to secure directly to any solid surface, attach roll bar mounts, secure inside a vehicle or staging for a secure backup sidearm.


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Product Description

  • Works with standard Raptor Holster™
  • Provide secure side mount
  • Provides secure top mount
  • Provides secure nose mount
  • Supplied with required mounting hardware to secure to Raptor Holster™
  • Interfaces directly with Raptor Rails™
  • Interfaces with Roll bar mounts for Off-Road Applications




Raptor Gear Protector Plates™ Specifications
Product Weight 0.7 lbs.
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs.
Product Material Powder Coated 0.125in Steel
Product Dimensions 5.45in x 3.35in x 1.9in
Color Black
Operating Temperature 10°F-110°F
Mounting Hardware x3 10-32 Socket Head Screws
Mounting Options Side, Top & Front
Designed Mount Raptor Holster
Product Options Roll bar Mounts