Raptor Holster™ – GLOCK®


The Raptor Holster™ secures your Glock® preventing unauthorized access, while enabling unprecedented staging opportunities.  Now you can securely stage your Glock® anywhere around the house, in your vehicle, in your RV or Off-Road vehicle and be ready for anything.

Optional Non-Locking is available for use in secured armories and control facilities.  The Non-Locking Mount is also great for staging a firearm in a mobile command center, in an armored vehicle or where ever you need a quick access mount to maintain your backup sidearm preventing potential damage from dropping and enabling you to maintain quick access.

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Product Description

  • “Auto-locking” Technology. Simple push to “lock-in and lock-out”
  • Provides Innovative Quick Access
  • For use as part of your custom RAPTOR™ System Configuration
  • Works with small frame Glock®
  • GLOCK® Gen 3&4 17 / 19 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 26 / 27 / 31 / 32 / 37 / 38
  • Prevents unauthorized access – when locked
  • Protects the firearm trigger, slide lock tabs and barrel
  • Works with standard Raptor Rail
  • Mounts to any solid surface
  • Left and right side mounting holes
  • Made with Heavy Duty High-Tech Polymer and Stainless Steel
  • Rubberized inserts for a tight non-slip grip
  • Optional High-Security Tamper-Proof keyed lock
  • Two (2) keyed alike barrel keys Included (with locking model)
  • Designed to mount to any Raptor Rail™
  • Designed to mount to Raptor Holster Mounting Plate Product Link
  • Designed to mount to Raptor Holster G-Code Adapter Plate Product Link
Raptor Holster™ -GLOCK® Specifications
Product Weight 0.4 lbs.
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs.
Product Material High-Tech Polymer
Product Dimensions 5in x 3.75in x 1.75in
Holding Force Engineered for 500 lbs. Direct Pull*
Operating Temperature 10°F-110°F
Mounting Hardware x3 #10 Wood Screws
x3 10-32 Socket Head Screws
Product Lock High-Security Tamper-Proof Keyed Lock
Designed Mount Small Frame GLOCK®
Product Options Locking & Non-Locking
*500 lbs. pull force tested with Raptor Holster™ Locking with the stainless steel tubular lock engaged and weapon fully seated. The Force was distributed evenly on the firearm, and the force was applied as a pulling force with no intended torque component.



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