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Raptor Products at the NRA APD PSC 9.14.2016

Raptor Products was out to support the regional law enforcement agencies at the APD hosted, NRA sanctioned regional PSC 3-gun competition.  “This Regional Tournament is the apex of shooting competitions in the Southwest Region. The 2015 PPC will feature the 3-Gun Tournament.This competition has been designed to test your skills when confrontedwith realistic shooting scenarios. This particular match requires the use of a duty sidearm, 12 gauge Shotgun, and .223 caliber rifle”

Website: http://www.nmshootnra.com/

Raptor Products, Inc sponsored one of the 3-gun courses dedicated to fallen Albuquerque Police Officer Daniel Webster.  Article of interest here: http://krqe.com/2015/11/03/albuquerque-police-officer-webster-you-will-be-missed-and-never-forgotten/

Course scenario:

The competitor (off duty officer) comes upon a fallen officer outside his patrol vehicle.  The fallen officer is unconscious and in need of being taken to safety for medical treatment.

The competitor must retrieve the fallen officer’s side arm, Glock 19 from the Raptor Holster and engage 6 targets at close range with several no shoot targets positioned in the line of fire.

The competitor must then drag the fallen officer 30 yards to cover where they pick up a shotgun and engage 8 targets.

The competitor then must drag the fallen officer 100 yards.  There are a few staged cover points at which they may rest if needed.

After moving the fallen officer 100 yards they must kick in a door and bring the officer into the building placing him safely behind cover.

The competitor must then remove a AR staged in the Raptor Mounting system and engage 3 targets at 100 yards ending their course time.

It was was an honor to participate in this event showcasing the officer’s training, dedication and skills they are required to draw from when dealing with scenarios such as this on the job.  The sheer amount of physical exertion required to complete the course demonstrated how natural and seamless the Raptor Products Weapon Mounting System is when utilized in the most demanding situations. 

Here are a few pictures of the event:




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